Ah. May be so it! Complete

Ah. May be so it! After all, he is now the Duke of. Province has a territory, and I heard him in the Royal Park
Business Rijindoujin also won the trust of the Prince Regent, to the wind was the wind, rain to rain too. I'm afraid he really is a home industry does not care Rowling instead.
        Thought of it before a gang of rich soil at ease.
        DU Wei's performance is mild and very gentlemanly, he even personally came over and shook hands with the two elected representatives out of
And embrace. Did not the slightest hostile attitude.
        "The two later you may rely on his assistant, my brother a lot. Lots of hard work, lots of hard ah." DU Wei tone is simply the
Nothing like a person. Sir Dirk and Sean to the Baron. rs gold Have been caught unprepared.
        DU Wei, Sir Dirk even personally helped pull the chair, and then pointing to the table on the floor first. Gabriel to side, very polite smiles:
"Since the identity of the two now have been different. It can no longer sit here. Please sit above the go, this is the match on behalf rs power leveling of the patriarch's body
Well copies. "
        Dirk face red. Although his heart felt faint hint of wrong, but after agreement has been signed, in black and white
, The word does not leave, all signed sworn, it was also deny that no matter how, even in the future to the Royal Park litigation, and also his side

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