She bit her say

She bit her, said, shortness of breath up slightly, gently clenched Yu Ping, dream-like down the Shi Chuang, non-interest bearing and went quietly to his side, fingers shaking, you want to open the bottle, the distance suddenly is the roar of cannons, she was suddenly startled awake from a dream like, a few steps backwards Jitui, blush Ru Xia, thought to myself: "Lei by Liya, what are you doing?"

    After a moment, Wan Lai silent candlelight jump, thinking, and that he had had all runescape powerleveling thought about his kiss, thinking of his pledge, think of those words Lilac Fairy, her mind up on it gradually meters, holding jade bottle, again go back to Tuo Baye side. But looking at his neck hung the tears fall and wash jade heart, joy and sorrow overlap, courage has shocked disappeared.

    Returned so hesitant, has not yet been determined. But she did not see the dark hole angle, a pair of wonderful clarity of purpose is silently gazed at her sadly full of gentle, pity and sadness ... ...

Volume IV of Chapter XI of Guilin 8 Tianyuan Tree

    After three days, Tuo Baye herbal decoction every day for the Lilac Fairy and by yellow, green snake healing.

    Zhu yao of the wild fertile soil, lush vegetation, a variety of rare treasures herbs Jieneng Looking back, plus Tuoba Ye gallant infuriating phase input, Xiao Hao recovered fast, to noon on the third day, Mercedes-Benz has been able to fly, Although the speed was slower than Star Ki, but other than that they reveal a lot faster than the birds. 4 Green Snake also action as usual, to swallow their own eating wild boar.

    Contrary Lilac Fairy in the heart vessel, the meridian is widely into the son of two extremely master Hou Gong Sun baby hit after another, the body, "Zhang Xiangshou" cold poison gradually began to attack, it is irreversible, only got up slowly and the line, even so, has greatly exceeded her expectations, on Tuo Baye's ill-feeling has reduced the fraction, but the mouth is still cynical, sarcastic and he Intuit useless.

    Tuoba Ye do not think that disobedient, sand fairy is angry too root itch, if not also rely on her lead the way, he found the emperor of all three long ago million of its body imposed insanity, and a vent hatred possessed of.

    Hakaya fairy trance is mind, all day, such as in a dream, Tuo Baye side of a close, immediately blush, embarrassed, afraid to have a moment alone with him. Stone lying in bed at night, With love beads and silk shark, listening to Shuzhang outside his uniform and sweet breath, but also toss and turn, Passion distracted. If the resignation comes in fills chosen to account for the fate of the turtles into their own hands at the moment, suffering such contradictions, difficult to

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